SABSA Certification

What is SABSA Certification?

The SABSA Certification Framework is a comprehensive, competencies-based testing programme that provides employers and peers with assurance and confidence that employees, job candidates, service providers and contractors have the professional capability to meet the needs of your organisation to design, deliver and manage enterprise security architectures.  It tests professional proficiency in all aspects of enterprise security as delivered by the SABSA method.

The framework is based upon world-leading educational best practices and consists of:

  • A comprehensive Body of Knowledge;
  • A detailed multi-layer Competency Map constructed using the leading skills development framework Bloom’s Taxonomy of Cognitive Levels;
  • Career Roadmaps that recognise the range of specialisms increasingly required as a career develops, and define clear paths for career progression;
  • Three certification levels that indicate stages of proficiency from knowledge and understanding of the subject up to demonstration of the advanced competencies required of a master of the profession.

Why should I attain SABSA Certification when so many other information security-related certificates are available?

The competencies framework and its associated training programme go much further than other certification efforts, which are largely knowledge-based and which tend to have a ‘one size fits all’ approach.  The SABSA programme is designed using leading educational practice to develop and enhance professional capabilities in a measurable way whilst focusing on the specialist areas of the candidate’s chosen career path.

Your SABSA Certificate will elevate the recognition of your status, trust, and professionalism as an Enterprise Security Architect.

SABSA Certification will also enable you follow a specific career roadmap to plan the advancement of your career in the specialist areas most suited to your needs, and to demonstrate your increasing competency by progressing from
Foundation level through Practitioner level to a Master Certificate.